This past spring, I won a beautiful 1960 Olympia typewriter in a raffle. I named it Penny, a name which seemed appropriate on many levels, considering it included both the hope of a modest monetary gain and a reference to the colloquially accepted price for one’s thoughts.

Upon bringing out the little piece of machinery today, I realized (once again) that there are few things more affirming to a writer than being able to peck away at an old-fashioned typewriter.



2 thoughts on “7/7/13

  1. Fascinating. I was just considering the purchase of an old manual portable so I could recapture that experience. The faint smell of the machine oil, the rustle of the paper, the sound of the keys clacking. Computers are infinitely more useful, but I wonder if we’ve sacrificed something in exchange. Enjoy!

    1. Computers are definitely more useful, in the same way that electricity is more useful than candles. Still, when looking for atmosphere, candles and typewriters are definitely preferable and should be invested in. Thanks for your thought!

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