Motivation technique:

Get on a computer and design the dream cover of your finished book. Print it out and tack it to the wall above where you write. Imagine the way it will feel in your hands, thick and heavy and hot off the presses. Imagine stacking them on shelves like bricks with their beautiful glossy spines shouting your name over and over in authoritative lettering. Imagine a stranger finding it in a bookstore and thumbing through it, wondering if they should buy it.

Repeat every time you find yourself losing interest in your work.


Be aware: the most innocent-looking people can actually be closet writers.

That woman in the check-out line? She’s editing the second book in her young adult fantasy series. The man on the subway? His how-to manual on web design just got accepted for publication. That little kid who is throwing a tantrum in the parking lot? Later this evening she will create a picture book about a princess as a present for Grandma.

You are not alone.


I know what you think of me and my chosen profession. I know you imagine me to be insane. Please do not judge – if you do it is only out of ignorance, and it is you whom the world must pity and not I, for I have tasted infinity stretched in both directions and remembered eons I have not seen and never will.