Never look back at what you’re writing. The chances of you actually liking what you’ve written is very low. Every so often you’ll get to say ‘Wow, look at what I just wrote. That’s genius!’, but 90% of the time, you’ll realize it’s pretentious, worthless crap. So write, write, write and don’t look back. For the sake of the chapters ahead.



It is a sad fact that I cannot often get past ‘Chapter Three’ of any work I start. I chug along just fine, pumping out the words, and then in the middle of chapter three, I start to stall.

Today I realized with a jolt that I was already halfway through the fourth chapter. I am delighted. Maybe this one was meant to be?


Half the joy of writing is the sound of the pen scribble across a thick, grainy sheet of paper, or the industrious clatter of my fingers across the keyboard. If writing were completely silent, I don’t think it would hold nearly as much appeal.


Today I helped a group of young teenagers who were part of a summer writers’ workshop. As they came up to my desk and signed out their room keys, I made note of the geeky glasses, the obnoxious clip-on bow ties, the pen stuck through a messy bun. They were cheerful, quirky introverts, shy and full of excitement. This was my group, these were my people.

What would these baby authors write? Fiction, nonfiction, memoir? Which authors they were trying to be like? Which ones were the brilliant prodigies, and who was just in it for the fun of creative self-expression?  Was I handing a key to the next Hemmingway, the next Salinger, the next Tolkien? These teens were Possibilities incarnate.



What would you do if you had the chance to go on a real adventure? Complete with grime and discomfort and probably a million ways it could go wrong? Would you go – if only to write about it? Would you go?


Slept in, got up and went for a run, took a shower, washed the dishes, did laundry. Now I’m sitting in front of my laptop in a bathrobe with a cup of coffee. Time to get in a bit of writing before I head off to work at two.

This is the life.


Writing is sweeter when it’s not the only thing you do. For some reason there’s a stigma even in the writing community that writers must always and only write. By no means! Spend a day outside exercising, work on something completely unrelated to writing, paint something, play an instrument. Then come back and it’ll feel like coming home.


This has been a good writing week so far. On Monday, I started a memoir called The Book I Wish I’d Written and got up to almost 3000 words. On Tuesday, me and my writing partner came up with the beginning of a new song for a musical we’re contracted for in June 2015. Today, I decided to forgo a nap and write another chapter to The Book. Over 4000 words and going strong!