‘Write what you know’

This is probably the worst writing advice I have ever heard. I write about what I do not understand. If I am confused by something, or would like to know more about something, I will instantly concoct a story line that will enable me to explore it more deeply. It’s just the way I think.


One thought on “8/19/14

  1. I really like this advice. I too have been told..write what you know. I have been told this my whole life. I had an 8th grade English Teacher toldly trash a story I wrote about love because she said I could not have possibly experienced love at such a young age. It was a story about a love between an older couple before they died. She told me to write about something else. I like your advice and I am going to follow it. I am also going to write about what I know but open up my horizons and write about what “I want to know”. Thanks!

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