I’ve been writing quite a bit for work. News stories, interviews, features. It feels good to be getting stuff out there and published, but it’s not my passion. These stories aren’t my babies. It’s like babysitting someone else’s kids.


“Occam’s razor” is a scientific principle, so named because philosopher William of Occam told scientists that it was best to “shave off” any assumptions, variables, or concepts that weren’t really necessary to explain what’s going on. I would argue that the same premise could be used for writing. Keep things simple. No need for Goldberg’s designs here.


My professor just asked us to think back to the last time we did research.

… Do you mean the time where I searched the web for the biographies of the Grimm brothers?

Or the time I gathered photos of creepy abandoned asylums in New England?

Or the time I collected links to the possibility of bionic people in the near future?