The imagination is highly underrated in the Real World. It’s all fun and dandy when you’re a kid – every cartoon you’d sit down to watch sings at you to explore your imagination. But once you grow up, imagination is checked at the door in favor of cold, hard reality. It is reduced to a “just“. It was just your imagination. You were just imagining. Except if someone is trying to get you to do something you don’t want to do. Then you get an annoyed, fervent: “Use your imagin-ation!”

This concept of being able to turn on, turn off, or regulate the imagination is wrong. The imagination is there, whether you like it or not. Stifled, gagged, but not dead. You can’t get rid of it – and why would you want to? Adults with bold, untamed imaginations shaped this precious thing you call your reality.


One thought on “10/28/14

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