Exercise in Perspective Building:

Pick up your three or four most recent pieces of  writing. Pretend you are someone else, reading the work of a stranger. Be honest. What kinds of assumptions would you make about the author? What did they care about? What were they afraid of? Would you read more of their work?


Dear writers,

Before sending out a manuscript, do your homework about the publishing house. It could be the difference between a lasting relationship with an editor who values your work and respects your process, or a signing away of the soul to an editor whose only concern is the bottom line on a profit and loss statement.


An editor-in-training


I find that just sitting and listening to music is one of the best ways to get inspired. I like listening to instrumental movie soundtracks to pump up my muse and get her ready for the next writing session. If you are interested in listening along, I have put together a Writerly Concerns playlist on Spotify. Come be inspired!



Today I was tabling for a writers conference I am helping to organize. A young man came up and asked about it. He seemed enthusiastic, declaring himself an avid writer interested in publication.

“We are featuring a workshop where you pitch your manuscript idea to real life editors and agents,” I said. “It’s a great way to get feedback.”

His face went blank. “No,” he said flatly. “My book is a book. I know it’s a book and no one can tell me it isn’t.” With that, he walked away.

As he left, I couldn’t help but think: There is someone who will never actually publish. 


Good writers are good readers.

I never believed in this sentiment. I thought that any story worth telling would pour out of you, unhindered and unadulterated by the influence of others. Until now. Thanks to a fairly intense editing class, I have been force fed an abundance of short stories by American greats, analyzing them to death in quick succession and without time to pause for breath.

I have also started writing short stories, coming out of a year-long writers’ block by breaking into a format I had not seriously attempted before. Coincidence? I think not…


Hello, old friends. A lot has happened since my last post. I am currently attending graduate school for my M.S. in Book Publishing. Truly a dream come true. What with all this change, my writing habits have suffered immensely (although I did manage to write and co-produce a musical this summer). Now that life has begun to get back on track, I am looking forward to getting back into the creative flow, and to more regular updates.

Comment and let me know how this past year has treated you! Written any amazing things recently?