Hello, old friends. A lot has happened since my last post. I am currently attending graduate school for my M.S. in Book Publishing. Truly a dream come true. What with all this change, my writing habits have suffered immensely (although I did manage to write and co-produce a musical this summer). Now that life has begun to get back on track, I am looking forward to getting back into the creative flow, and to more regular updates.

Comment and let me know how this past year has treated you! Written any amazing things recently?


9 thoughts on “11/15/15

  1. Welcome back! What was your musical about?

    I had two things out this year–the 4th installment of my Hollow’s Prism comic book series and my first full-length science fantasy novel just out in September, Eomix Galaxy Books: ILLUSION. It’s been an incredible year so far!

    1. Hi Christa! The musical was about coffee and art, naturally. My two passions. Wow, you’ve had an eventful and wonderful year. Congratulations on your success! If you would like, feel free to post the links to your books here.

      1. I wrote the lyrics, my friend wrote the music, and we co-wrote the book… A two year process finally come to fruition!

      2. thanks for the link! Hopefully we can drive some traffic there 🙂 And it’s still in the preview stages. We performed it for a small audience and are currently reworking it. Believe me, as soon as it is out there, I will be relaying information excitedly.

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