Only writing what you know is like trying to go on an adventure without leaving the backyard.



“Who are you anyway? Why do you matter? To me, you don’t matter. I don’t care about you. I exist whether you read me or not. In fact: you can quit reading this book right now, I dare you. I dare you to put this book down and forget about it. I don’t need you. I am the answer to the riddle: if a writer writes a book and no one reads it does it still make a sound? Yes. Yes, I do make a sound.

Do you hear it?” – Christopher Higgs aka Marvin K. Mooney

How can you not continue a book that opens like this?


Marketing tip:

“Everyone” is not an acceptable category when talking about anticipated audience. “Everyone” does not exist in the publishing world, which revolves around small, tightly focused groups dramatically separated from one another by marketing plans and sales pitches. If you say “everyone” will enjoy your novel, chances are you haven’t thought clearly enough about who you are writing for.