Fun fact: The Copyright Act of 1909 only protected “useful art”. Studying intellectual property and copyright law studies can be quite metaphysical at times. What do you think an example of “useful art” might be?



The problem with living an interesting life surrounded by interesting people is that you’re constantly inspired but can never write anything for fear of insulting someone…


Ever wonder why are there so many genres of music but not of books? Basic business. The Book Industry Study Group has compiled a list of numbers called BISAC codes, which all published books must be filed under. This makes it easier to market, sell, and stock books based on these categories. And while BISAC codes are always expanding, it is still sad that literary art has to be so confined by the practicality of an old business model. Personally, I’d love to see what a book genre entitled “shimmer pop” or “chilltronica” read like.

You can check out the current BISAC list for Fiction here.


Somehow the idea of writing a boring book is ten times more exciting than writing an interesting one. I think people assume the more boring a book, the more literary or avant-garde. I would not mind being considered either of those things, even if it was in conjunction with ‘deathly dull’.


This is one for you. I’m interested in your opinion . . . How do you use writing?


Certain words feel similar to me – either they feel related in my mouth when I say them, or they invoke a certain color or smell. For example:

Page. Magic. Squirrel. Whisper. Flamingo. Dustbin. Cricket. Anthropologist.

These words have similar feelings, even though they are not necessarily connected in meaning. Is it just me, or does throwing the word ‘Truck’ in there seem to mess up the fragile sequence? A good, satisfying sentence results when similar words are grouped into arrangements like bouquets of flowers on the page.



I have begun to pay a lot of attention to colors. Writing about color combinations suddenly fascinates me:

Pale tan tea in a white china cup

The park was green and yellow and gray with no hard edges, just smears blending into one another

Coarse brown bread, the creamy white cheese, and the pearly pink salmon sliced thin and layered like a savory cake