Ever wonder why are there so many genres of music but not of books? Basic business. The Book Industry Study Group has compiled a list of numbers called BISAC codes, which all published books must be filed under. This makes it easier to market, sell, and stock books based on these categories. And while BISAC codes are always expanding, it is still sad that literary art has to be so confined by the practicality of an old business model. Personally, I’d love to see what a book genre entitled “shimmer pop” or “chilltronica” read like.

You can check out the current BISAC list for Fiction here.


What would you do if you had the chance to go on a real adventure? Complete with grime and discomfort and probably a million ways it could go wrong? Would you go – if only to write about it? Would you go?


As writers, we see connections in everything. Causes and effects, hidden connotations, allusions and foreshadowings and subtexts. It’s how our brains are wired – life almost seems to make sense. But are we tapping into a subtle train of deeper meaning hidden from the rest of the world, or are we simply making it up because we’re all the same breed of crazy?


There was an author who found out his favorite pen company was going under. I forget who it was, but he bought out the company’s entire stock of pens, spending a fortune in the process. His feat of dedication to what inspired him made an impression on me. I decided that if I had to follow in this author’s footsteps and buy out one thing for my writing, it would be my little black Eccolo journals that I carry around everywhere with me.

What would you buy a hundred of, just to preserve your writerly habits?


More than anything, I am frightened I will die before writing something noteworthy. As morbid as that sounds, it bears thinking about. No one knows when their time will be up, and how we spend today will define our legacies. Are you writing?



They say writing is cathartic, and I would be the first to affirm its therapeutic properties. But there are also some wounds that it cannot patch, no matter how poetic or literary your style. Some holes cannot be filled with words.


It is amazing how everyone I know seems to think the only way they can connect with me is through speaking about writing. If I am lonely, they will tell me to use the opportunity to write and everything will be better. If I am doubting my self-worth, I am treated to speeches about how good of a writer I will one day be. It has really become my image – and perhaps this is not an entirely good thing.