An original piece entitled “Ellipses”.

Reading is important, but when all your thoughts belong to other people, you will find yourself without anything original to say. Read less, think more, write most.


It is a sad fact that I cannot often get past ‘Chapter Three’ of any work I start. I chug along just fine, pumping out the words, and then in the middle of chapter three, I start to stall.

Today I realized with a jolt that I was already halfway through the fourth chapter. I am delighted. Maybe this one was meant to be?


This has been a good writing week so far. On Monday, I started a memoir called The Book I Wish I’d Written and got up to almost 3000 words. On Tuesday, me and my writing partner came up with the beginning of a new song for a musical we’re contracted for in June 2015. Today, I decided to forgo a nap and write another chapter to The Book. Over 4000 words and going strong!