Interested In Contributing?

If you are reading or following this blog, you probably have an interest in writing. You may even be passionate about it. How would you like to contribute and consequently get a chance at increasing your own blog activity?

Send in submissions to:

  • Specifics

Email me a piece of writing advice! Once a week (depending on the number of contributors), I will pick a piece of advice and post it on Writerly Concerns.

  • What do you get in return for sharing your knowledge and love of writing?

In addition to having your advice published on the blog, your name (or username) will be included and a link to your own blog will be embedded to guide readers to your website!

  • Guidelines

Your advice can be anything from a quote about writing to an observation you have made on the writing process to just something a typical writer-in-training would think about. Keep submissions to approximately a paragraph in length. Well-written, humorous, or insightful submissions will have the best chances of being chosen.

Are you interested in contributing? Leave a comment below! I am looking forward to hearing your own words of writerly wisdom!


2 thoughts on “Interested In Contributing?

  1. I would be interested in contributing. I think it’s wonderful to have multiple inputs from different writers. You never know what you might learn from their successes and failures!

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